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From our site:

Allow us the pleasure of acquainting you with our publication. It is a quarterly, of the allegedly “literary” variety, and will be a composition of non-fiction and otherwise. By non-fiction, we mean: essays on the benefits of neglect; a critical examination of failed love in/as performance art; an examination of the souls of monsters in Western civilization’s three distinct phases, complete with an explanation of what those phases are; the definitive answer to the perennial question of Is America In Decline?; a theory on the fall of Marxism and the rise of the Hipster; interviews with a Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist, and with a professor of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics who has thrice won the Gertrude Stein Awards for her poetry and too many other prizes to list here. By otherwise we mean: prose poems on Nazi Germany by a McSweeney’s editor; short stories about children of immigrants who have forgotten their mother’s language; micro-fiction on the unfunniness of naming your dog “Oprah”; Venn Diagrams on Form, Content, and The Philosopher; poetry of the post-postmodern, what-the-heck-is-this type; poetry of the rhyming, easy to memorize, this-is-obviously-poetry type….

Everyday, people ask for your money. For fifteen bucks, you could buy a rainbow’s spectrum of Silly Bandz, go to Pinkberry and satisfy your need to be deliciously trendy three times a day, or buy yourself two beers during happy hour.

Or for only $15 you could get yourself a copy of Explosion-Proof Magazine and support the work of a venture that is sure to lose money, run entirely by young people unpaid for their labor, who all have real jobs and pay things like rent and taxes and who responsible people would say have more productive things to do with their time….

Please, digital patrons, support our art!


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