Letter from the Editors from Premiere Issue

Dear Reader,

We launch this magazine in the face of great tragedy: the rise of a new generation. You have seen them: in headphones at concerts, made-up on treadmills, slurring fond memories of last year’s television; a whole generation dedicated to the pursuit of Happy Hour and air-brushed romance. Many times before has such frivolity arisen from corporeal privilege and immaterial neglect, but never in history have the young people sung and danced with such desire, such need, for literal head pats.

Explosion-Proof is not a blog, as we hate blogs. It is not an internet magazine, as we don’t believe the screen is the best home for the serious rumination that good writing demands. Yes, we are aware of the downsides to this method of dead-tree publishing. It will be expensive. It will limit our readership. We remind those who feel that these are two insurmountable obstacles that books, the kind held in the hand and laid on shelves, may not travel at the speed of light, but neither do they disappear when plugs are pulled. And, we guarantee, neither do they explode.

It’s a dream to be shared by all who hunger for an essay that won’t be dated in 24 hours. Its for those who don’t call writing “content.” It is for those who remember that no wise man built his house on sand.

We are afraid for our generation. We see them, in crowds and in mirrors: an incensed but unfighting mob; a school of fish in a poisoned sea who cannot recognize water.

But alas, with all maps filled, whoever hoped for explorers?

— The Editors


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