Issue 3: Foreign Correspondence

The editors of Explosion-Proof are proud to announce the birth of our third issue, featuring

Expatriates in Love,

Undergrads Partying in Tahrir Square for Spring Break,

Sri Lankan Jews in Paris,

Joining the Entourage of the Cypriot President,

Outsourcing Yourself in South America,

A Discussion of MacGuffins in Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent,

A conversation with Deb Olin Unferth about her memoir about following her boyfriend to Central America,

visions of the future of Libya and femicide in Guatemala,

a new translation of Horace by Alice Hermann,

and brilliant new poems by John Hennessy, Benjamin Paloff, Emma Gorenberg, Dara Weinberg, Jordan Karnes, Claire Kiechel, Ricardo Maldonado, Danielle Grace Warren, David Feinstein, Sam Mansfield, and Jacob Brunner.

It will soon be available wherever fine books are sold; tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram.


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