Of Love and Launch Parties: The Celebration of the Third Issue and The Hipster Personals That You Didn’t See

Last Wednesday’s launch party was a great success. Thanks so much to all of you who turned out! Close to one hundred writers, readers, editors and assorted New York literary scenesters turned out at DBA in Williamsburg for the launch of our 3rd issue, Foreign Correspondence. For those of you who didn’t make, here’s a peek of what you missed:

Look at all of the beautiful literati.

But, seriously, we missed you and we’re sorry that you missed Matt Dallow‘s accordion music—which was pretty dope. Along with the music, there was the usual witty conversation, good cheer, and the beautiful people that you’ve come to expect at all of our events. Of course, this time, we also had DBA’s stunning assortment of beers on tap, a perfect way to cool off during that mad, hot Wednesday. We had brought some personals to the party, thinking that some people might be interested. However, because of the craziness of the event, we never had the opportunity to break them out. That’s good news for you truants who never made it to the ‘burg: you still have a chance to meet your literary love, that is, if you fit the bill. They are, after all, quite specific:

Looking for someone who displays a kindred mediocre enthusiasm for everything except Urban Outfitters (because we hate those bitches).

A.B. General Studies from Brown University, because he generally studies everything he sees—from bed bugs to Tunde Adebimpe. Recently shaved and clean-cut, ironically.

If you just broke up with heroin and have given adderall marching orders (I just did), then you might be the one for me. Also, if you look like Kate Moss—or James Franco.

Party Photo Prince seeks Party Photo Princess. Must possess keen interest in (self) portraiture and (poise-less) posing technique. If you know what I’m talking about, feel me up. #soontobekingPPP

Are you looking for that “special someone” (using those quotation marks ironically, of course)? Well, then, send your “hipster personal” to contact@explosion-proof.net, and, who knows, you might meet your Party Photo Prince—or be published in the pages of our magazine. However, if it doesn’t work out in the personals, there’s always our next party, which looks to be in July. Check back with us to find out more. Until then, we leave you with some accordion music—or at least a picture of it as you picture your “Mr. Perfect.”

With his skillful musicianship, Matt dazzles onlookers, who can only point in awe at the device that makes such beautiful sounds.


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