Chilling with Hades (and the French)

A municipal worker exits to the street, unaware of how lucky he is to still have his mind intact after spending time in the EXPLOSION PROOF ZONE.

The other day, an editor of our magazine was walking through the streets of our city when some neon garb caught his eye. A man wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt was emerging from below the street. Above him was affixed a simple sign: “EXPLOSION PROOF ZONE.” Now some may say that this was a standard-issue  sign belonging to the municipality. However, we believe otherwise: clandestine litterateurs, Explosion Proof partisans surreptitiously threw that sign up, letting New York know that that hidden world is our territory (well, O.K., to be precise, we have a timeshare agreement with the subway system’s alligators wherein the world below is ours for 3/4 of the year and they get the remainder—but, fine print aside, it’s effectively ours).

But, we’re not the only group that’s big in the underground. A Canadian confrere of ours, Brick Magazine, published this national magazine award-winning piece describing the variegated life of Paris’s notorious catacombs. Down there, there are supposedly crazy raves, secret cinemas, merry pranksters, and a secret society of do-gooders who use the network to improve neglected landmarks. However, even these subterranean experts might not be able to keep up with us or our neon-garbed friend in NYC’s own EXPLOSION PROOF ZONE (which if you don’t want to enter through a manhole you can access through our very own special portal/magazine). Yeah, we promise no explosions, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have your mind blown.


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