The Bard and the Bud?


Though this picture is black and white, if you look closely you can see that Shakespeare's eyes are, actually, red and bloodshot—clear signs of reefer madness.

It’s hardly a shock that Jonathan Franzen keeps his grass in the freezer. Weed and writers have been married to one another (or, at least, been in a relationship) for a long time now. However, it is a bit more surprising that Shakespeare dallied in drugs. Apparently, according to an article from Global Post, Francis Thackeray, a South African scientist, wants to autopsy the bard’s corpse and see what comes up, as they found some pipes with marijuana and cocaine residuals that may have belonged to Billy. It’s not something so important for those of us who enjoy the man’s work (after all, there are still those doubters who deny that the William from Stratford-upon-Avon was the true author of Hamlet and Macbeth etc.). His writing is great and will continue to be great, regardless of whatever practices Shakespeare might have pursued during his lifetime.  However, this new development does raise those always interesting questions surrounding artistic inspiration (where does, after all, artistic inspiration come from? The muses? A sense of alienation? Drug dreams?) that would require much more space to delve into than we have here. Instead, we’ll just have our friend in South Africa run a few tests on Shakespeare’s decomposing corpse and let you know what we find out.


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