It’s Not Issue 4, But It’s Still Pretty Darn Cool…

The blog’s been quiet for the last two weeks or so….too quiet.  Something’s up, you might be thinking. There’s no way that they just stopped like this—they have to be up to something.  They wouldn’t just leave us, without a blog post, without a new magazine for this long! It’s nearly torture!

If you did think that, you were right on: we are up to something. We, at Explosion-Proof, have returned to our computerized caves, not only to escape this infernal heat, but also to bring out to you our fourth issue, “State of the Union.” While we still won’t be returning to civilization for a bit with the promised magazine—check back soon for the exact day that it’ll be dropping—we’re happy to leave you with this beautifully composed image from the information maven, David McCandless, to tide you over. It plots out all the varieties of intimate relationships (hence its name, “The Varieties of Intimate Relationships”) that you could think of, and some that might never have even crossed your mind—such as the “unicorn,” which apparently refers to a single individual dating a married couple. Take a look yourself and be prepared for your world to explode.


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