Notable Kickstarter Project: Bruce Robbins & Friends Talk Israel

Bruce Robbins, the critic and humanities scholar, is making a documentary. It is about Israel, and its title—“Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists”—should prepare audiences for some of the material to come. Now, after a brief circulation in manuscript, as it were, a preview of the movie has emerged on Kickstarter. (Cash seems to be short at the moment). There described, the movie is “about American Jews who take an independent line on Israel and the Middle East. […] As the title suggests, the film will try to strike a tone on these subjects that’s less paralyzed by stereotypes than we’re used to.” Something for which we can all be thankful.

Some of the interview subjects include Angels in America Pulitzer-ing Tony Kushner, philosopher and cultural critic Judith Butler of Cal Berkeley, Focus Features CEO (and screenwriter of The Ice Storm) James Schamus, as well as mathematician and physicist Alan Sokal (who is, by the way, best known outside the academy as an old antagonist of Robbins in specific and “postmodernism” at large).


On Kickstarter, Robbins says he’s seeking further funds to conduct more interviews and expand photo accompaniments to the narrative. “The Great Schlep” this is not, but still, a video one can expect to see again as the election lumbers into full view.

Essential viewing for anyone insufficiently distressed by the world and what have you.

\”Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists\”













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