Ex-P Artist Kari Cholnoky: show thursday (Williamsburg)

We are happy to announce that February 2nd — THIS THURSDAY! — Kari Cholnoky, regular Ex-P artist and illustrator, will present her work at the Graham Powers Gallery, in a duet-exhibition with the artist Sophia Tragash. Located blocks from the Graham Ave or the Grand St [ L ] stops, the evening will feature new works in painting and video from 8 – 11 pm.

The show was conceived, as the artists wrote in its invitation, as an attempted response to a question which is very near to our hearts at Explosion-Proof, namely: “Are we built to last, or are we built to be destroyed?”




Readers of our magazine will be familiar with Kari’s work, whose Dr. Seuss-ian nightmare “Pull It Out”* appeared on the cover of “The State of Union” — Issue #4. Now that the issue is somewhat behind us, Reader, we might let you in on a little stunt we pulled: taking Kari’s original work, we flipped it upside-down.

Also, look out for her reappearance in our latest issue (“Homeland Insecurity”), which accompanies Maria Jagodka’s three mixed genre short-short stories with illustrations magical, murderous and metaphysical.

Sophia Tragash is a graphic designer and artist, who works in oil paint, video, pencil, ink, Adobe Creative Studio, and computers in general. Her work was exhibited at Detour Basel during the Art Basel Weekend in Miami, FL. You can find more of her work at http://www.sophiatragash.com


Kari Cholnoky is a painter and current Recent Grad Resident at The Brooklyn Artist’s Gym. Her work is on view at the Woman Made Gallery (Chicago) in the exhibition Twenty In Their Twenties currently through Feb. 23rd; thereafter she will be featured in solo exhibitions at HERE (New York) and the INSTINC Gallery (Singapore). Find her at http://www.karicholnoky.com/

“It Always Starts with a Swing Set”


Doors will open at 8 and close at 11 — there will be paintings, and videos; also there will be snacks, beer and wine. Located off the L, blocks from the Graham and Grand stops, come hang-out, and perhaps go carousing with us later.

Graham Powers Gallery
155 Powers St, 2D
Brooklyn, NY 11211

February 2nd, 2012, 8pm

RSVP here: http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/2f88hk3k4nbv665qn

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