We Have Put the Fun Back In Funeral

The cover of Issue 6, "Last Words"

“The only way to make a solid, enduring myth is to create a moment or a thing which is frozen–the “fly in amber” effect. The perfect group or record is something with a legacy that cannot be muddied by later perceived missteps, or by new permutations which confuse the enthusiast… Death is the most surefire method of attaining a state of “perfection” and therefore ensuring the accumulation of power and influence, but the shortterm dividends are obviously not attractive.”

Supernatural Strategies for Making A Rock’n’Roll Group by Ian Svenonius

For those who have not yet noticed, we are dead and perfectly content with our dividends, such as they are.

Please do not send us submissions or queries. Thank you!

If you would like a limited edition copy of  our final, “Last Words” issue, or to inquire further about its contents, please email Marina at marina [at] explosion-proof [dot] net. Their cost of $7 includes shipping.

We fully intend to embark on future projects, and will note them here if and when we do so.

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