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We Have Put the Fun Back In Funeral

‎ “The only way to make a solid, enduring myth is to create a moment or a thing which is frozen–the “fly in amber” effect. The perfect group or record is something with a legacy that cannot be muddied by later perceived missteps, or by new permutations which confuse the enthusiast… Death is the most … Continue reading


but-metaphorically-explosive dance party: sat, feb 25th

3 bands, 1 DJ; drinks (cheap, various); dancefloor; magazines; folks (ibid.); hoo-ha!

Ex-P Artist Kari Cholnoky: show thursday (Williamsburg)

We are happy to announce that February 2nd — THIS THURSDAY! — Kari Cholnoky, regular Ex-P artist and illustrator, will present her work at the Graham Powers Gallery, in a duet-exhibition with the artist Sophia Tragash. Located blocks from the Graham Ave or the Grand St [ L ] stops, the evening will feature new … Continue reading

Announcement: “Homeland Insecurity” has arrived!

  Ex-P #5 is here! Featuring interviews with Rivka Galchen and Justin Torres; poetry by Matthew Dickman, Stephen Burt, Matthew Zapruder (and many brilliant others!); essays on thespians-awaiting-death, Virgil’s literary imperialism, and unpretentious economics; short stories about homesick Moon-People, the villainous White Ramón and one nasty cough; as well as one beautiful graphic narrative by … Continue reading

Ex-Proof Contributor Ben Mirov Featured on Poets.org

Explosion-Proof poetry contributor Ben Mirov is featured today, January, 12, 2012, on Poets.org’s Poem-A-Day. You can read Ben’s poem “Automatic Teller Machine” on Poets.org here, and you can find his poem “How I Get the Nectar Into the Well” in Explosion-Proof Issue 4. Poets.org is the official website of The Academy of American Poets whose … Continue reading

Miscellaneous Updates

Heya Internet, It has been a while. Hopefully this doesn’t surprise. In the next week we’ll be releasing our 5th Issue, “Homeland Insecurity,” which is slated to be (as in the case of all newborns) our currently favorite child. Stay tuned for previews of the issue in the next few days. Until then, some things … Continue reading

Explosion-Proof Fun-Raiser: Thanks for coming!!!

We here at Explosion-Proof want to thank all of you who came out to support us at our Fun-Raiser! at the Fowler Arts Collective in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! The music was swinging, the people were grooving, the alcohol was flowing… and all in all it was a smashing success! A special thanks goes out to the … Continue reading

Explosion-Proof Fun-Raiser!!!

Come one, come all to raise money for the best cause out there: EXPLOSION-PROOF MAGAZINE!!!

Augusto de Campos: Word-Things in Time-Space

Shhhhhhhhhhh! So far the journal Telephone (like the children’s game in which a phrase changes as it is whispered from ear to ear) has released two issues of poetry translations. Each issue features a handful of poems by one foreign poet and then ten translations of those poems by different poets and translators. In addition … Continue reading