Save the date: Ex-P at New York Public Library

On November 8th, from 6:00-7:30, Explosion-Proof will be reading/talking/hanging-out at the New York Public Library. As part of the reading series Periodically Speaking, we’ve been invited to host an event in the DeWitt Wallace Periodicals Room. At the moment, details are inchoate, but we will keep you posted(!). Present certainly will be founding editors Nick and Alex, as well as … Continue reading

getting easier to find

Dear Internet, We thought we’d let you know that Explosion-Proof has come to more bookstores, perhaps one among them more convenient to you. This is kind of the most recent fruit of a recent big-get for us, when we were picked up by two distributors, U and I, just in time for Issue 4: The State of … Continue reading

Notable Kickstarter Project: Bruce Robbins & Friends Talk Israel

Bruce Robbins, the critic and humanities scholar, is making a documentary. It is about Israel, and its title—“Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists”—should prepare audiences for some of the material to come. Now, after a brief circulation in manuscript, as it were, a preview of the movie has emerged on Kickstarter. (Cash seems to … Continue reading

Explosion-Proof Review: Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station

Early in Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station, Adam Gordon, a young American poet on fellowship in Spain, is on a camping trip with a group of Spaniards. He is high, his Spanish is weak, and he is trying to follow a story one of the girls is telling. “[I]t was less like I failed … Continue reading

Come Home

The editors of Explosion-Proof are pleased to announce that we’re still seeking submissions for our issue five, themed “Home.” The deadline is October 1, 2011. While we hope that most of the content of each issue will relate to the theme, we’re also just looking for high-quality writing. Please feel free to send your work … Continue reading

Issue 4: Home


The wait is over. Your months of pining shall soon cease. Issue 4 has officially arrived! Entitled “The State of Union,” Issue 4 includes poems by Ben Mirov, Matthew Zapruder, John Hennessy and Ben Lerner; fiction by Moze Halperin and Dwight Curtis; an interview with Mona Simpson and much more.  You can get your hands … Continue reading

Congratulations Colin! Explosion-Proof Poet’s Novel Now on Sale!

Another BrokenWizard, the new novel by Colin Dodds, whose poems appeared in the second issue of Explosion Proof, is now for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in the iTunes Book Store. Another Broken Wizard is about friendship, loss and Worcester, Massachusetts. It’s a book that “…gets Worcester and shows it in all of its glories and cracks,” … Continue reading

It’s Not Issue 4, But It’s Still Pretty Darn Cool…

The blog’s been quiet for the last two weeks or so….too quiet.  Something’s up, you might be thinking. There’s no way that they just stopped like this—they have to be up to something.  They wouldn’t just leave us, without a blog post, without a new magazine for this long! It’s nearly torture! If you did … Continue reading

Muppets On The Internet

How much time have you spent thinking about the Muppets? Yeah, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about them either—that is, until I read this article on The Awl. It’s by Elizabeth Stevens—whom you may have encountered in our magazine as Gordon Ebenezer Gourd (of Issue 2’s “Wolf Memoirs”)—and it takes the Muppets and uses … Continue reading

Congratulations, Ricky! Explosion-Proof Contributor, Ricardo Maldonado, Named 2011 NYFA Fellow

If you read through our most recent issue, “Foreign Correspondence,” then you have probably read the poem, “Entry Level,” written by a certain Ricardo Maldonado (known off the page as Ricky). Born and raised in Puerto Rico, and a graduate of Columbia’s MFA in Poetry, Ricky spends his days coordinating the lives of the contemporary greats … Continue reading