Issue 4: Home

The wait is over. Your months of pining shall soon cease. Issue 4 has officially arrived! Entitled “The State of Union,” Issue 4 includes poems by Ben Mirov, Matthew Zapruder, John Hennessy and Ben Lerner; fiction by Moze Halperin and Dwight Curtis; an interview with Mona Simpson and much more.  You can get your hands … Continue reading

Congratulations, Ricky! Explosion-Proof Contributor, Ricardo Maldonado, Named 2011 NYFA Fellow

If you read through our most recent issue, “Foreign Correspondence,” then you have probably read the poem, “Entry Level,” written by a certain Ricardo Maldonado (known off the page as Ricky). Born and raised in Puerto Rico, and a graduate of Columbia’s MFA in Poetry, Ricky spends his days coordinating the lives of the contemporary greats … Continue reading

Chilling with Hades (and the French)

The other day, an editor of our magazine was walking through the streets of our city when some neon garb caught his eye. A man wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt was emerging from below the street. Above him was affixed a simple sign: “EXPLOSION PROOF ZONE.” Now some may say that this was a standard-issue  … Continue reading